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We are forming a 10 Man raid team.  That does NOT mean we only have 10 members but are building a core group of 10 players for Regular Raids.  We sugjest you Download the FREE client version of Ventrilo from to be an effictive Raid member of the guild.  If you already have ventrilo or after you do download the Client version go to the Guild Information tab when you list the Guild (press O when logged on into your WOW character that is in the guild) there you will find the Password and settings for the Guild Ventrilo.

Curently we are looking for Levels 75 to 80 (Raid Tank and Raid Healers are mostly needed at this time but ALL are welcome.)

We are willing to help levels 75 - 79 reach level 80 and also help Level 80's get geared up for doing raids. 

We also accept ALT's of lower levels.  If you want to be a part of our team guild but are NOT at least level 75, you are welcome inquire for Guild Invites.  Just beaware that getting through the first 75 levels is on you.  Raiders are not obligated to run you through or come to your rescue to help you complete quest and dungeon objectives.  The guild's bank has nothing of use in it for under level 20's and 20-50 can only see contents but are not allowed deposit to any of the others tabs.  The Tabs under the main tabe are for Raid gear and matts for building secondary skills up.

If that sounds snobish, it is not ment to be.  We just don't want to have anyone and everyone join that has a goal to leach the guild.  This is a Team Guild.  Even our Guild Master is merely a Guild Manager.  This is not "MY" guild but "OUR" guild.  Do not think we are a "Guild of Buddies"  we are a guild of WOW players that have begum to build this guild as a team not based on ONE persons ego. 

I hope this gives you an idea about what the Epicaly Frakked Guild is about and how it is set up. If you are not a member I hope this information will help you make a infomred decision on becoming a member or not.  If you are a NEW member and are here to see what you have become a part of, this might give you an idea to see if this is really waht you wanted to become a part of.  We know that not all guilds are set up the same or what people are looking for.

Lastly you do NOT have to be a member of this website to be a member of the guild, nor do you have to be a member of the guild to be a member of this website.  The concept of this site is to serve as a referance site and give new and potential members more information as to what we are about.


The Epically Frakked TEAM of Members

PS:  If you do NOT have ventrilo copy the URL below and past is your browser to go to the Ventrilo client download site and download the client vesion that best fits the operating system you are using.

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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